Evanescence Technology (EVA)

Diagnostic technologies

EVA (Evanescence technology) combines the strengths of ELISA and rapid test platforms (lateral flow ). It is a point-of-care diagnostic technology with the speed of rapid tests, but with the precision of ELISA. 

ELIONOVA is specialized on EVANESCENCE Biosensor Technology (EVA). This optical and immunological technology is similar to common ELISA technology, which is broadly used in standard diagnostic laboratories. Major differences to the ELISA technology are: (1) EVA technology is a one-step ELISA. The consumable test device already contains all test-specific reagents, only the test sample has to be added. Only fluorophors bound at the bottom of the test well generate a signal. In consequence, no time-consuming washing steps are required during test procedures. (2) Time-to-result is only 10 minutes, in contrast several hours with ELISA. (3) The EVA reader is small and portable.

In addition, it provides quantifiable results, a great desire for many applications (e.g. hormone diagnostics, monitoring of inflammatory markers).

Odoo - Sample 1 for three columns
Odoo - Sample 1 for three columns